Episode 3: Slovenia Special


Christian and his friend, Nobber, embarked upon a Slovenian fishing adventure earlier this May. They fly-fished their way across the country from the capital Ljubliana to Kobarid near the Italian border. Getting there was a feat in itself: Nobber is terrified of heights, flights and spiders – not that handy…

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Episode 2: The Midford Brook


In Episode 2, Christian goes fishing on the Midford Brook just outside Bath. It’s early season, April 3rd, and the dog walkers are about! The water is also a bit high but despite this, armed with his Tenkara set-up, he catches grayling, brown trout and rainbow trout. Listen to his…

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Episode 1: Introduction to The Stream of Consciousness

podcast image titled

Join Christian, our fly-fisher host, as he does battle with fish, elements and often himself on rivers and streams across the UK. This is the first podcast in The Stream of Consciousness 2016 series and introduces the idea and plan for the forthcoming season. Find out more by visiting www.streamofconsciousness.co.uk

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The Slayfly

Sometimes it’s hard to believe the winter will ever come to an end here in the UK; February seems intolerably long despite it being the shortest month. For me, there’s a glimmer of hope in March but it’s April before I can really slip into my waders fired up on…

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