Episode 3: Slovenia Special


The turquoise waters of the Tolminska river near Tolmin.

Christian and his friend, Nobber, embarked upon a Slovenian fishing adventure earlier this May. They fly-fished their way across the country from the capital Ljubliana to Kobarid near the Italian border.

Getting there was a feat in itself: Nobber is terrified of heights, flights and spiders – not that handy when you’re supposed to be fishing the mountains and gorges of the Julian Alps!

After kissing the ground, they jump in a hire car and head off to their first river destination. Unfotunately, a technical problem with the recording equipment means that we only catch up with the fly-fishing duo on their last day on the Radovna river.


The Bridge of Death over the Ucja river just 150 metres from the Italian border.

Listen to their last day of fishing as recorded by Nobber himself on this wild and tiny jewel of a river. Hear the fear in Nobber’s voice and the rumbling of his bowels as he documents what he thinks will be his final moments before catching the flight home.

Listener advisory: frequent cursing and toilet humour!

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